We Indian youngsters are well aware that navigating through the 10th and 12th grades can be arduous rites of passage. Our education system and parents often heap considerable pressure on us to excel and achieve high marks during these crucial years. Thus, witnessing the rare instances when parents celebrate and support their children despite not securing the top ranks is truly heartening. Take, for instance, the case of Vishal Karad, whose parents rejoiced over his 10th-grade results despite him attaining passing scores in each subject.

Vishal, a student of a Marathi medium school, obtained 35% marks in all his subjects for his 10th-grade exams. His father, who works as an autorickshaw driver, and his mother, a domestic worker, fought relentlessly to provide him with an education. The achievement of clearing the SSC exams brought immense joy to his family, who recognized its significance even if it didn’t involve high scores.

Ashok, Vishal’s father, expressed, “While many parents might be celebrating their children’s high scores, Vishal’s 35% holds great importance for us, as he has made us proud by passing his SSC exams.”

Residing in Uthalsar, Thane, Mumbai, Vishal shared, “I believe I managed to clear the exams due to the continuous encouragement from my parents.” Clearly, his parents grasped his sincere efforts and understood the value of offering consistent encouragement. They demonstrated that support should be extended at all times, not solely when a child achieves outcomes that conform to conventional expectations.

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