The Chandrayaan-3 mission marks a significant triumph for the Indian populace. The successful soft landing of Chandrayaan-3 at the Moon’s southern pole stands as an extraordinary feat. While many Indians are expressing their immense pride in this accomplishment, an amusing perspective has emerged from our neighbors in Pakistan.

In a video that has now gone viral, a Pakistani individual engages in a conversation with a journalist. He humorously mentions how India is investing substantial funds in space endeavors to reach the Moon, while in contrast, Pakistani citizens are already residing on the lunar surface. He quips, “They’re spending money to go there, but you see, we are already living on the Moon. Didn’t you know?”

Witness the viral video here.

Simultaneously, the Pakistani people’s sense of humor shines brightly. The viral tweet shares an image related to Chandrayaan with the caption, “Meanwhile, the Sense of Humor of Pakistani People are always top class.”

The journalist inquires about the man’s statement, and the man replies with a witty comeback. He parallels the Moon’s barrenness with Pakistan’s lack of certain amenities like water, gas, and electricity, playfully insinuating that Pakistanis are akin to Moon residents in this aspect.

This brand of self-deprecating humor has resonated with the online audience, winning their hearts. People are commenting on the innate ability of Pakistanis to craft such amusing narratives.

Here are some reactions:

  • “This is the pinnacle of humor.”
  • “We may have the Moon under our belt, but we’ll never have their humor.”
  • “I swear Pakistanis have the best self-deprecating sense of humor in South Asia.”
  • “This wins the internet today… this brother has won our hearts.”
  • “They’ve reached the Moon, but where will India find such a sense of humor?”
  • “This is so passive-aggressive, lol.”
  • “The brother has spoken the truth.”
  • “Their true nature from within.”
  • “This is high-level roasting.”
  • “We have the Moon, but they take the cake with their sense of humor.”

In the midst of having conquered the Moon, it’s their unparalleled sense of humor that Pakistanis seem to excel in.

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