Selecting the right job, encompassing a supportive team and a conducive environment, is undoubtedly a challenging process. Sometimes, what appears to be the perfect “dream job” can swiftly transform into a nightmare.

Unconventional rationales for departing from one’s job are often discussed, but seldom do we hear about the authentic and relatable factors that lead to such significant decisions.

In a recent thread, a woman unveiled the extraordinary motive behind her swift departure from her job, leaving us both startled and indignant.

In her post, she recounted how she made the decision to quit her job within a mere three days due to her boss’s unjustifiable actions. Her boss, in a condescending manner, interrogated her mental health status, a matter that is clearly in violation of legal boundaries.

“He condescendingly inquired about my mental health condition. I clarified that I had not received any diagnoses. Yet, he persisted in accusing me of evading the topic and insisted on a response. I informed him that I had been prescribed antidepressants a considerable time ago, but I had ceased taking them over six months prior. He asserted that I should have disclosed this during the interview process so that he could assess whether to hire me, despite never raising such inquiries during the interview. I’m almost certain this constitutes a legal violation.”

She proceeded to describe how, during another episode, her boss reproached her for disappearing for an extended period when, in fact, she had only been in the restroom for a brief ten minutes.

“During one instance, I was in the restroom for approximately ten minutes. He questioned the length of my absence and insinuated that I should have informed him about any constipation issues during the interview stage.”

The boss went on to criticize her for not completing her workload promptly, despite her efforts to manage it. Furthermore, he queried her about her work pace, even though she was still in the learning phase. When she endeavored to clarify her stance, he accused her of engaging in a dispute with him.

Subsequently, she took the bold step of resigning. However, she sought advice from fellow users, pondering over her decision.

“Undoubtedly, I feel an immense sense of relief upon departing from what I perceive to be a toxic environment. Nevertheless, I acknowledge the potentially unfavorable impression of quitting so swiftly. Moreover, my father believes that I should have persisted through the challenges. Therefore, I value your perspective. Did I make the correct choice, or should I have endured the situation?”

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