Five Indian breads have earned a place on the roster of the 50 finest bread varieties from across the globe. Bread holds an esteemed position in cuisines worldwide, offering a diverse range of leavened, unleavened, plain, or stuffed options. The true charm of bread emerges when it complements the right dishes. Its adaptability is showcased through the myriad interpretations found in every corner of the world. India, specifically, boasts an extensive assortment of breads, each distinct in size, texture, and flavor. From the beloved roti to the cherished naan, Indian breads have captured hearts both locally and internationally.

Taste Atlas, a reputable food and travel guide, recently unveiled another catalog recognizing gastronomic treasures globally, this time focusing on the world’s premier bread creations. What stands out is the inclusion of five Indian breads among the esteemed list of 50 bread varieties hailing from different countries.

Securing the third position on this prestigious list is the delectable Butter Garlic Naan. Notably, Butter Garlic Naan had previously earned acclaim from Taste Atlas as one of the 50 best flatbreads worldwide, achieving an impressive second-place ranking. This naan, infused with the aromatic essence of garlic and generously adorned with butter, unquestionably ranks among the most palatable breads one can savor. Even the classic plain naan made its mark on the list, claiming the eighth spot. In a previous compilation, it was hailed as the fourth-best flatbread globally.

Paratha, another Indian breakfast essential, rightfully clinched a spot on both lists, a recognition that surprises no one familiar with its ability to impress all who indulge in its goodness. The hearty and fulfilling flavors of the Amritsari Kulcha made it a natural contender for inclusion. Lastly, our humble roti, a staple in the everyday Indian diet, secured its place just below the Amritsari Kulcha, ranking at the commendable 27th position.

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