In the course of the investigation, law enforcement has successfully identified one of the deceased individuals, and they are currently making active efforts to establish the identity of the other person, as stated by the police.

Two individuals tragically lost their lives due to the inhalation of toxic fumes after entering a manhole located across from a luxury hotel on Mathura Road early Wednesday morning, according to the Delhi Police. It is suspected that the two individuals entered the manhole with the intent of pilfering cable wires.

Rajesh Deo, the Deputy Commissioner of Police for the southeast district, reported that one of the two deceased individuals has been identified as Salim, a resident of Batla House.

The police received information on Wednesday morning indicating that a man was found unconscious within a sewer at the traffic signal opposite the hotel. However, upon the police’s arrival at the scene, they discovered two individuals inside the sewer. “The two bodies were subsequently retrieved and transported to a city hospital for postmortem examination. The crime investigation team was dispatched to the location for a thorough examination,” Deo further added.

As the investigation unfolds, one of the deceased individuals has been identified, and ongoing efforts are being made to ascertain the identity of the second individual, as conveyed by the police. “The individual known as Salim had a history of criminal involvement, with approximately 12 cases registered against him in various police stations across Delhi,” disclosed a senior police officer.

Based on initial findings, the police have reason to suspect that the two individuals entered the sewer with the intention of stealing cable wires but tragically succumbed to poisonous gas inhalation.

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