Negligence by doctors in Navi Mumbai has resulted in the loss of two lives, according to allegations from the families. They claim that the doctor administered the wrong injection, leading to the deaths.

Mumbai: Two patients lost their lives due to the negligence of a hospital in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The deceased include a young man and a woman. Family members have accused the doctor of administering the wrong injection. They have filed a complaint against the doctor at the local police station. According to the information received, the incident occurred at Akashdeep Hospital in Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai. The two patients were admitted to the hospital just two days ago. Both patients underwent surgery at the hospital, and unfortunately, they passed away after receiving an injection.

Both Patients Had Undergone Surgery Family members claim that the woman had undergone abdominal surgery, while the young man had undergone surgery for piles. Unfortunately, their deaths occurred after the administration of injections. The allegation is that the deaths were a result of incorrect treatment. When India TV attempted to get the hospital’s perspective on the entire matter, they declined to comment.

Demand for the Doctor’s Arrest The families of the deceased patients have demanded that the police file a case against the doctor and arrest them. They allege that the hospital did not provide any assistance or support to them. Currently, the police are investigating the case.

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