In our country, ingenious techniques are often used to come up with significant innovations. One individual has transformed his bicycle into a bike-like creation through jugaad, leaving onlookers intrigued. The bicycle has been given a distinct look by attaching a bike seat and headlight.

When it comes to solving any problem in our country, jugaad technology is often the first resort. It’s a ninja technique that never fails to impress. A viral video on social media showcases a bicycle modified with jugaad. In this bicycle, you can spot a bike headlight and seat, giving it a unique appearance. An elderly individual comfortably sits on it, making it stand out. Notably, there is also a bike-like box on the side for carrying essential items. Additionally, a battery has been installed, enabling the use of a horn. The video captures the elderly rider honking the horn and turning on the light while riding the bike.

The number plate is also visible at the back of the bicycle. The joy of the rider, evident on his face due to these added features, is heartening to see. The video, shared on Instagram with the handle @1agastimuna, has garnered over 400,000 likes, indicating the enthusiasm with which users are appreciating this inventive bicycle.

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