“I aimed for Tara’s ‘revenge dress’ to maintain her essence and demonstrate that regardless of past events, she remains strong and resolute,” Bhawna disclosed.

Made In Heaven Season 2 has delivered a remarkable display of fashion choices, unlike even its initial run. The credit goes to Bhawna Sharma, the costume designer and stylist for the second season.

Bhawna has adeptly translated the characters’ emotions onto the screen through their attire, be it Sobhita Dhulipala’s Tara Khanna, Mona Singh’s Bulbul Jauhari, Shivani Raghuvanshi’s Jazz, or even the brides in each episode. Every garment holds a distinctive significance intertwined with their character development.

This connection between clothing and emotions mirrors real life. Our attire often mirrors our mood – we lean towards reds and blacks when upset, choose light and breezy ensembles when joyful, and opt for assertive outfits when making a statement.

Bhawna’s inspiration for Tara’s “revenge dress” was not rooted in revenge but in Tara’s determination to maintain her identity amidst challenging circumstances. The concept of a “revenge dress” gained fame when Princess Diana wore one following her husband’s public admission of infidelity. Tara’s archival Sabyasachi piece captured a similar energy.

Bhawna’s understanding of characters’ emotions came from the script and her observations of similar individuals in Delhi, where she grew up. Her goal was to preserve relatable authenticity in the characters.

Jazz stood out as one of Bhawna’s favorite characters to dress, reflecting her admiration for Tara’s style. Emulating someone else’s style, like Jazz tried with Tara’s, can sometimes lead astray. Bhawna advocated staying true to “your own style.”

For brides seeking unique looks like those in Made In Heaven, Bhawna advised maintaining one’s style while aligning with the wedding venue’s color palette and family outfits for a cohesive appearance.

Working with diverse directors and designers for each bridal episode was both challenging and rewarding. Bhawna collaborated with Zoya Akhtar to celebrate Indian couture houses, breaking new ground.

Bhawna’s Tips for Dressing Well:

  1. Stay true to your personality and style. Question why you should dress a certain way.
  2. Less is more; aim for a curated and cohesive look.
  3. Let the clothes enhance your personality. Your identity matters more than the design.

Bhawna’s insight offers valuable lessons in portraying character emotions through clothing and maintaining individuality in fashion choices.

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