Sara ali khan

We’re all familiar with that individual who projects a facade of financial constraint while secretly enjoying wealth and privilege. This behavior might be an attempt to assimilate into a certain environment or to present themselves as relatable. However, there exists a distinct contrast between being middle-class and merely feigning it.

In a curious phenomenon, celebrities are now adopting the role of the middle-class in an effort to foster a sense of relatability.

It’s important to emphasize that this observation is not intended to cultivate animosity towards these celebrities. Yet, it appears that their insistence on their frugality often lacks a corresponding acknowledgment of their inherent advantages.

Undoubtedly, many celebrities come from modest origins and rightfully take pride in their background. Nonetheless, there are those who discuss their modest lifestyle choices without adequately acknowledging, or even mentioning, the privileges that underpin their circumstances.

In a recent interview, Sara Ali Khan disclosed that her wardrobe doesn’t boast designer clothing. Predictably, online users were swift to challenge her statement, considering her family background and her achievements as an actress.

On the flip side, Palak Tiwari revealed that even though she has reached adulthood and entered the realm of acting, all her one-time-passcodes are routed to her mother’s phone while shopping.

In another instance, Nita Ambani shared during an interview that she used to provide her children a mere 5 rupees per week to spend at school.

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