Brahmastra provided a mesmerizing visual experience, a unique spectacle in the realm of Bollywood. Although some of the dialogues and the rapidity with which Isha fell in love with Shiva made us cringe, the film’s visual grandeur is best enjoyed on the big screen.

While Brahmastra deserves applause for its groundbreaking visual effects, a first for Bollywood, let’s take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce about the times when Hindi movies treated us to hilariously terrible CGI and VFX.

  1. Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon: Amidst the over-the-top acting that dominated the entire movie, the CGI-rendered dog and parrot were simply atrocious. Whether they aimed for comic relief or made a deliberate creative choice, the screeching parrot was a cringe-worthy addition. And who could forget the unforgettable “flying dad” visuals thanks to Pretentious Movie Reviews.
  2. Half Girlfriend: While delving into the movie itself would be brain-painful, let’s focus on the horrendously fake portrayal of Bill Gates. The portrayal was so disastrous that it defied comprehension and caused visual discomfort. Did the creators even review the Bill Gates sequence before release? Who would approve such a visual blunder in 2017?
  3. Aabra Ka Daabra: As a fervent Potterhead, witnessing the debacle that was Aabra Ka Daabra, an ill-conceived imitation of Harry Potter, was truly painful. Even as a child during its release, I felt pity for myself for enduring this 3D disaster that tried to emulate Hogwarts but ended up being cringe-inducing and absurd.
  4. Vaah! Life Ho To Aisi: In simple terms, the film’s plot revolves around a deceased man who meets God and returns to Earth to complete unfinished business for the happiness of his family. Now, add shoddy visuals, and the film is complete. The creators seemingly believed that since the plot was clearly fictional, they could make it as unrealistic as possible.
  5. Chamatkar: Chamatkar hails from the beloved 1990s when India was beginning to adore SRK. While the film remains a timeless entertainer due to its simple yet amusing storyline, the special effects were notably subpar. Nonetheless, considering its release three decades ago, we can overlook the VFX in favor of great acting and an engaging plot.
  6. Jaani Dushman: Ek Anokhi Kahani: The creators of Jaani Dushman might have foreseen the meme potential of their film. Jaani Dushman’s meme-worthy status still endures due to its absurd dialogues and bizarre plotline. The film’s VFX attempt is equally infamous, leaving us with cringeworthy visuals that continue to circulate as memes.
  7. Mohenjo Daro: Oddly enough, Mohenjo Daro was released in 2016, yet its infamous crocodile scene remains an eyesore. The sudden appearance of a crocodile, leaping around like an angry bird, is cringeworthy to the point of hilarity. The poor VFX diminished the impact of good acting, turning a potentially intense scene into a comedic spectacle.
  8. Nagina: I’m not referring to Mouni Roy’s TV show Naagin (although that would also be amusing), but rather Sridevi’s 1986 movie. While we can’t criticize VFX from 36 years ago too harshly, this article aims to track progress. The VFX that might seem shoddy today seamlessly blended with the audience during Sridevi’s career-defining film.
  9. Kalank: Setting aside the film’s overall quality, Varun Dhawan’s bullfight sequence in Kalank remains etched in memory. What on earth was that? Did they truly believe viewers wouldn’t notice? Despite lavish sets and costumes, the film’s special effects team apparently forgot to ensure consistency, leaving us with a cartoonish animated sequence that seems to have been abandoned midway.
  10. Rudraksh: You might be wondering why this film isn’t in the top spot. Well, I saved the best (or worst) for last. Rudraksh delivers a dose of cringeworthy dialogues and a bewildering plot. However, its pièce de résistance is the hilariously awful VFX. From hypnotic rats to digitized mountains, this film’s VFX reaches unparalleled levels of terribleness. The movie doesn’t promise excellence in any aspect. However, if you seek genuine laughter, Rudraksh is your best bet.

Though Brahmastra’s dazzling fireworks may have made your eyes twitch, one can’t deny that it showcases the remarkable strides Bollywood has made in the realm of visual effects.

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