Parents with toddlers often find it challenging to navigate public spaces while keeping everything under control. In retrospect, the situation is not always comfortable for the children either. Although there may be limited ways to alleviate this, practicing basic decency and empathy remains essential. Recently, a restaurant’s policy in the UK has sparked discussions and raised questions about its approach.

Panda Garden, a Chinese buffet restaurant in the UK, took to Facebook to announce an interesting policy. The establishment stated that they would be implementing a £3 ‘baby service charge’. They elaborated by explaining that providing high chairs for children incurs costs, and by accommodating these chairs, they are forfeiting seating space that could have been used for adult customers.

In addition, the restaurant’s management highlighted that they also employ staff to clean up after the mess created by kids. While this policy was introduced following a renovation and has garnered appreciation from many patrons, it has not been universally well-received, particularly by some parents. This group expressed their dissatisfaction with the policy, noting that adults are not subject to extra charges for accidental spills or messes. As a result, the restaurant’s new approach has generated mixed reactions among its clientele.

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