For many individuals, hair loss can feel akin to facing an inevitable force, much like Thanos. Sometimes, it appears entirely unjust. Despite earnest efforts to nurture your hair, it seems to resist your endeavors, leaving your scalp. But is understanding hair loss and taking preventative measures really that challenging?

While we often attribute hair loss to genetic predisposition or a lack of hair care, numerous environmental factors might also contribute to hair loss. This means that with some simple adjustments to our daily routines, we could potentially slow down the progression of receding hairlines.

  1. Stress Foremost, it’s crucial to manage stress. Stress can be a significant contributor to hair loss. Thus, it’s beneficial to relax, be kind to ourselves, and practice mindfulness techniques.
  2. Dietary Choices Your diet significantly influences your hair’s health. Consuming junk food and skipping meals can lead to hair loss due to the absence of essential amino proteins required for robust hair. Remember, incorporating protein-rich foods like meat, eggs, and other sources is essential.
  3. Inadequate Sleep Undervalued yet crucial, sleep plays a pivotal role in overall well-being. Insufficient sleep can lead to various imbalances in the body, and one manifestation can be hair loss.
  4. Environmental Exposure The external environment can take a toll on hair health. Excessive sun exposure, dust, contact with pool water or seawater – these factors contribute to hair loss. To combat this, protect your head in extreme conditions and consider using a swimming cap when swimming (though it might be out of place at a family wedding).
  5. Harmful Product Usage Lastly, we should exercise caution when selecting hair care products. Avoid products containing parabens and phthalates, and opt for naturally derived, trustworthy options that minimize hair loss and encourage gradual growth.

One such product is Vatika’s Neelbhringa21 hair oil, formulated using 14 potent ayurvedic ingredients such as Nili, Bhringraj, Draksha, and Yashtimadhu. These ingredients revive dormant hair follicles and facilitate new hair growth in just two months. Vatika Neel is not only natural but has also garnered doctor approval for addressing hair fall and promoting growth. It addresses issues like hair thinning, root strengthening, and dandruff removal. The oil is prepared according to the ancient ayurvedic process of Taila Pak Vidhi, involving a meticulous 21-hour oil preparation. It’s proven to expedite hair growth by twice the usual rate and increase hair thickness by threefold. Moreover, its user-friendly comb applicator ensures deep root penetration and a mess-free application.

For those who trust in the supremacy of Ayurvedic oils, Dabur’s Vatika Neelibhringa21 Hair Growth oil could be a game-changer. Embracing all-natural options seems to be the trend. A mere four applications over eight weeks can yield noticeable results.

This video depicting the production of this natural hair oil by Dabur showcases the dedication and care invested in its creation.

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