Capturing spontaneous moments, taking pictures, and sharing them on social media – it’s an unsung ritual that every enthusiast follows. From artists to cricketers, the news of their arrival initiates preparations for photo opportunities.

However, this is only possible when you hear about the presence of a celebrity or have plans to attend an event where you anticipate a glimpse of someone you’ve admired for years. Now, imagine casually strolling through a market when suddenly you come face to face with someone you’ve longed to meet.

Such a scenario unfolded in Bengaluru, Karnataka, with Sidd Puri, the Head of Growth at Rituul Inc. He was walking down a San Francisco street when he unexpectedly crossed paths with Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai. He didn’t waste any time capturing this moment with his camera.

Not just that, Sidd Puri shared the photo on the microblogging platform Twitter (now an X). He was genuinely amazed by his stroke of luck. Since his post, social media users have been captivated by the unpretentious nature of Sundar Pichai. Many are praising Pichai’s simplicity and warmth, making this chance encounter a memorable experience for both Puri and the online community.

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