The international gold smuggling trade is on the rise consistently. In Singapore, NRIs are actively seeking Indian laborers for smuggling, making it easier for them to execute such operations. These smugglers are willing to pay double the market price to Indian women for gold smuggling, as they can carry 25 to 30 grams of gold without any legal repercussions.

With the increasing global gold prices, international smuggling has gained momentum. The plans of international smugglers may astonish you. In Singapore, smugglers are reaching out to Indian expatriate laborers returning to India from Changi Airport, commissioning them to transport gold in exchange for a commission. As per a report by ‘The Straits Times,’ travelers showing an interest in transporting gold are taken to a discreet location in the airport, where the deal is sealed.

During the discussions, the person responsible for delivering the goods is assured that when they reach India, the group leaders will reclaim the gold jewelry from them. According to the president of Singapore Jewellers Association, Muhammad Bilal, it is not illegal to take precious jewelry, including gold, out of the country for travelers in Singapore. However, the risk of breaking Indian laws arises when they fail to declare the gold they are carrying. Indian citizens are allowed to bring a maximum of 20 grams of duty-free gold into the country.

The trade of gold smuggling becomes more lucrative for female Indian citizens concerning weight and value. There is a provision for duty if one exceeds this limit in bringing gold jewelry. Bilal stated that the trend of gold smuggling through couriers has been prevalent for decades. According to reports, those operating at Changi Airport Terminal 1 in Singapore wish that couriers carry 25 to 30 grams of gold, slightly beyond the legal limit. The authorities, including customs officials, are vigilant about travelers bringing gold into India, especially those involved in smuggling operations.

Similar news has emerged from various airports in Asia, including the Gulf, Malaysia, and Singapore, where groups have targeted travelers with gold or other precious metals to smuggle into India, where gold is cheaper compared to other regions. According to the Singapore Police Force, there is no limit on carrying gold or other precious metals out of Singapore for travelers.

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