Eight cars collided with each other on Bangalore Airport Road. The video of the incident is rapidly going viral on social media, showing several damaged cars at the accident scene.

On Bangalore Airport Road, eight cars collided with each other, and the video of the incident is quickly becoming viral on social media. The video depicts multiple damaged cars at the accident site. According to information, there is no report of any casualties so far. The incident is said to have occurred near the Chikkajala Flyover on Bangalore Airport Road on Monday evening. After the incident, Chikkajala Traffic Police cleared the road congestion caused by the accident and stated that an investigation into the matter would be conducted.

According to media reports, poor visibility due to fog is being cited as the cause of the accident. These cars collided with each other one after another due to low visibility on the road. As soon as the video went viral, people started sharing and liking it. Additionally, many others commented on the video. Some provided tips to avoid such accidents, while others expressed sorrow over this unfortunate incident.

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