An American thief was buried 128 years after his death. A large number of people attended his final viewing and paid their respects.

According to American law enforcement officials, the thief, known as “Stone Man Willie,” caused a lot of trouble for the police in several American cities in the 19th century. He was arrested and died in jail in 1895. At that time, he was laid to rest in a mausoleum. Jail authorities explained the reason for this long delay.

As per the information received, this thief, known as “Stone Man Willie,” had been arrested for pickpocketing. He was buried in the form of a mummy in a police mortuary in the city of Reading and remained there for 128 years. Recently, his body was made public, and a significant number of people gathered to pay their respects. People formed queues to catch a glimpse of him.

Funeral Director Kyle Blankenbiller said before the burial, “After 128 years, the body has been laid to rest.”

According to CBN News, he was commonly known as “Stone Man Willie,” but his real identity was different. During a recent event, his true name was revealed to be James Murphy. Blankenbiller said that Willie became a unique member of our strange friends, and the best farewell was given to him.

According to his cellmate, the person arrested for pickpocketing adopted the fictional name James Penn during the robbery because he did not want to embarrass his wealthy Irish father. Stone Man Willie was buried in a black tuxedo from the 1890s.

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