The enduring fascination with The Royal Family has led to numerous records, books, shows, and films exploring the personal lives of the British monarchy. With the ascension of King Charles III to the throne, there has been increased attention on his daily routines and distinct traits. From incidents like the ‘pen fiasco’ to his public appearances, many are now engaged in discussions about his seemingly meticulous habits.

These habits have earned him the playful moniker of ‘the pampered prince’ among palace staff. While it’s not unusual for individuals from privileged backgrounds to cultivate refined tastes, some of these habits appear excessively particular, even for someone of royal status.

The Ironed Shoelaces
In the documentary “Serving the Royals: Inside The Firm,” King Charles’ former butler, Paul Burrell, revealed that the king prefers his shoelaces to be ironed flat every morning. This luxurious preference seemingly offsets his more unconventional habits.

The No Lunch Rule
King Charles’ steadfast avoidance of lunch has been a topic of discussion for some time. This aspect was even highlighted in an episode of “The Crown.” His staff faces the consequences of this no-lunch policy, particularly during his foreign tours or visits when they must forgo their own meals. His reasons for this practice are primarily linked to health-conscious eating habits.

Carrying His Own Toilet Seat
According to a New York Post article referencing Tina Brown’s book “The Palace Papers,” King Charles carries his own toilet seat and Kleenex Velvet toilet paper when traveling, ensuring his personal comforts are maintained.

Transporting Furniture to Friends’ Country Homes
Continuing this theme of personal requisites accompanying him, reports suggest that when King Charles visits friends’ country homes, a van is dispatched in advance to deliver his personal bed, furniture, and even artworks.

Precise Toothpaste Application
Palace staff members have noted that the king’s valets meticulously apply just about ‘an inch’ of toothpaste onto his toothbrush every morning. Numerous accounts have labeled him as ‘fussy’ and ‘particular’ about many things, with toothpaste being one such example.

Specific Temperature for Cheese & Biscuits
Adding to his culinary idiosyncrasies, the king insists that his cheese and biscuits be warmed to a specific temperature; otherwise, he finds them unappetizing. This preference extends to most of his meals, prompting his staff to keep a warming tray handy for these occasions.

Conversing with Plants
Known for his environmentally-conscious views and passion for gardening, King Charles has openly discussed his habit of speaking to and even shaking hands with plants. Unlike some of his other eccentricities, this practice is not strange but is scientifically acknowledged as beneficial for plant health.

Selective Breakfast Egg Preferences
Repeatedly reported and debated, King Charles adheres to a nearly identical breakfast each day. Part of his morning routine involves consuming hard-boiled eggs. His discerning taste for eggs is such that multiple eggs are boiled to perfection to ensure he receives precisely the type of hard-boiled egg he prefers.

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