Amoj Jacob, a member of the men’s 4x400m relay team that performed impressively at the World Athletics Championships, expressed confidence that India would secure the gold medal in the Asian Games. He also mentioned that the team’s ambition extends to aiming for a podium finish in the Olympics, provided they qualify.

During the World Athletics Championships, the 4x400m relay team, composed of Muhammad Anas Yahiya, Amoj Jacob, Muhammed Ajmal Variyathodi, and Rajesh Ramesh, achieved an extraordinary feat by breaking the Asian record, clocking a time of 2 minutes 59.05 seconds in the heats. This accomplishment marked the team’s entry into the final round of the championship in Budapest.

Amoj Jacob, running as the second member of the quartet, shared his confidence in winning the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games and targeting an Olympic podium finish if the team secures qualification. He referred to their strong performance at the World Championships as a significant morale boost.

Jacob further emphasized that the team’s experience in the World Championships would alleviate pressure during the Asian Games. He expressed the intention to enhance the Asian record they had set in the World Championships.

Reflecting on his mindset during the race, Jacob mentioned that his focus was solely on ensuring a smooth baton exchange, emphasizing that his primary concern was to avoid dropping the baton.

Regarding a controversy involving an incident with American athlete Justin Robinson during the relay, Amoj acknowledged that such disruptions can cause momentum loss, making it challenging to catch up. He indicated that the outcome could have been different had the incident not occurred.

Muhammad Anas Yahiya, who was part of the winning 4x400m mixed relay team at the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games, attributed the team’s impressive performance at the World Championships to their intensive training since November of the previous year. Despite facing injuries and slower times in the past, the team’s injury-free status before the Worlds boosted their confidence and contributed to their strong showing.

Anas expressed that handling the pressure at the World Championships has prepared them for similar challenges in the Olympics. He anticipated the World Relays in Nassau next year as a significant opportunity for Olympic qualification. While expressing hope to participate in the Asian Games, Anas deferred the final decision to the coach.

In conclusion, Amoj Jacob’s confidence in winning the Asian Games gold and aiming for an Olympic podium finish, along with insights from Muhammad Anas Yahiya, emphasizes the team’s optimism, preparedness, and dedication to achieving significant milestones in athletics.

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