While generative AI holds the potential to enhance the quality of games, Take Two’s CEO, Strauss Zelnick, warns that it may not necessarily lead to faster or cheaper development processes.

Speaking at the Paley International Council Summit, Zelnick shared insights into how integrating generative AI could impact games like the highly anticipated GTA 6. Following Rockstar’s announcement of the GTA 6 reveal trailer on December 6, Zelnick’s comments added to the excitement within the gaming community.

In response to a question about the role of generative AI in game development, Zelnick acknowledged the potential for improvements in quality but cautioned that the development process might not become more efficient or cost-effective.

While discussing areas of interest, he expressed enthusiasm about utilizing AI to enhance non-playable characters (NPCs). Zelnick highlighted the possibility of making NPCs more interesting and enjoyable, transforming interactions with playable characters.

It’s important to note that Zelnick’s remarks are general insights into the potential impact of advancing technology on the gaming experience, rather than specific details about incorporating these features into GTA 6.

During Take-Two’s investor call, Zelnick assured that the development of GTA 6 is “completely protected” from potential delays caused by a strike from SAG-AFTRA’s game voice actors. He expressed optimism about ongoing negotiations and emphasized the company’s commitment to reaching an agreement that benefits everyone.

While a studio executive working on GTA 6 revealed plans to integrate generative AI into future projects, Zelnick offered a realistic perspective. Despite the potential for increased efficiency and cost savings, he cautioned gamers not to expect a reduction in the overall price of games.

As the anticipation for GTA 6 reaches new heights, discussions around the use of AI in game development have sparked controversy, especially regarding creative aspects. Take-Two and Rockstar’s stance on the incorporation of AI, as mentioned during the earnings call, suggests that while AI might bring about potential cost savings, these benefits may not directly translate into reduced expenses for gamers.

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