In the previous year, Elon Musk made waves by introducing a subscription-based verification model on X (formerly known as Twitter). This innovative concept prompted users to opt for a payment of $8 monthly in exchange for the coveted blue tick verification. As a result, some users embraced this change, while others opted to retain their unverified status. In the aftermath, conversations surrounding verified accounts on the platform became a prevalent topic of discussion.

However, in an unexpected turn of events, X, under the leadership of Elon Musk, has now initiated an impressive revenue-sharing initiative tailored for its esteemed premium users.

Reportedly, these premium users, predominantly encompassing those adorned with the coveted blue ticks, are poised to receive substantial monetary rewards as part of this advertising revenue-sharing program. Eligibility criteria entail having a minimum of 500 followers, coupled with a remarkable aggregate of 15 million organic impressions garnered from their posts over the preceding three months. Notably, the payout threshold is set at a minimum of $50.

This remarkable shift showcases X’s commitment to elevating user engagement and incentivizing verified premium users, ultimately fostering a dynamic and rewarding online ecosystem.

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