We’re all familiar with the advice our friends give us during heartbreaks, but who could have imagined that there exists an actual shrine that brings people together through a rather unconventional offering: cigarettes!

This renowned shrine, often referred to as the ‘cigarette waale baba’, holds a special reputation for reuniting couples. When individuals find themselves grappling with relationship difficulties, they make their way to this shrine where, as the custom goes, they present a cigarette. Surprisingly, this gesture is believed to have the power to resolve their problems.

Mishrilal, the dedicated guardian of the shrine, divulged that people visit seeking blessings by presenting various offerings such as money, cigarettes, meat, or even alcoholic beverages. Their intention is to seek divine intervention that would pave the way for prosperity in their relationships.

He further asserts that numerous cases have come to light where couples, faced with their issues, have approached the shrine and experienced positive outcomes within six months, often leading to marriage. These couples return to express their heartfelt gratitude to the venerated baba.

Historian Dr. Ravi Bhatt has shared insights into the shrine’s origins, revealing that it venerates Captain Frederick Wells, a British Army Captain. Captain Wells lost his life in 1858 during a conflict between the British forces and freedom fighters at Musa Bagh. Interestingly, the captain had a fondness for cigarettes, which led to the shrine being affectionately named ‘cigarette waale baba’.

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