Romance has an undeniable allure, offering solace whether we’re happy or downcast. Despite the occasional over-the-top portrayal of romance in movies, the idea itself captivates everyone. While Korean shows often take the spotlight in the romance genre, it’s essential not to overlook the captivating world of new Chinese dramas. These dramas possess all the ingredients to lift your spirits on those days when romance is on your mind. The realm of Chinese drama offers diversity that caters to all tastes. We’ve compiled a list of 30 beloved Chinese romantic comedy series that are bound to stir feelings of excitement and affection.

Below is a synopsis of some notable shows from the list:

  1. Love 020 (2016): This enchanting story revolves around Bei Weiwei and Xiao Nai, college students who kindle a virtual romance through online gaming. As their love spans both digital and real worlds, they discover the true essence of connection.
  2. My Amazing Boyfriend (2016): This series delves into the unexpected love tale of immortal Xue Lingqiao and talented actress Tian Jingzhi. Their relationship unveils a journey of self-discovery and enduring affection.
  3. A Love So Beautiful (2017): This endearing drama follows the unrequited love between Chen Xiaoxi and her high school crush, Jiang Chen. Their journey captures the innocence and joy of growing together.
  4. Memory Lost (2016): The detective Han Chen teams up with amnesiac Bai Jinxi to solve mysterious crimes. Amid suspense, their journey unfolds into a heartwarming romance.
  5. Here To Heart (2018): Reunited after a decade, Zhan Nanxian and Wen Nuan discover second chances and forgiveness. This poignant drama showcases the transformative power of healing.
  6. The Fox’s Summer (2017): Guan Pipi and Bai Luoyin’s quirky romance underscores the idea that true love blossoms unexpectedly, even amidst humor and heartfelt moments.
  7. When A Snail Falls In Love (2016): Ji Bai, a detective, and criminal profiler Xu Xu delve into complex cases. Amid suspense, their partnership flourishes into a tender romance.
  8. Stay With Me (2017): Li Weiwei and Yuan Song’s encounter leads to a heartwarming relationship. Their love journey resonates with themes of growth and compassion.
  9. Diamond Lover (2015): The tale of Mi Duo and Gao Wen navigates the glamour of the diamond industry, highlighting themes of love, sacrifice, and personal growth.
  10. If I Can Love You So (2019): This poignant series delves into the complex relationship between Shi Jian and Huo Jinyan, portraying love, sacrifice, and redemption.

This is just a glimpse of the captivating Chinese romantic dramas that await. Whether you’re seeking fantasy, youthful love, or historical intrigue, these dramas cater to all preferences, offering an escape into the world of love and emotions.

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