Kushi Kumari, a second-year student majoring in Political Science, enrolled in the School of Open Learning (SOL) at Delhi University because she couldn’t afford to participate in the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

Several students currently studying at the School of Open Learning (SOL) at Delhi University have voiced their concerns, alleging that they have not received printed study materials, despite the upcoming December examinations. Furthermore, they have noted that the study materials available online are riddled with errors.

Kushi Kumari, a second-year Political Science student, chose to pursue her studies at SOL due to financial constraints that prevented her from taking the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).

A significant portion of SOL’s student body hails from underprivileged or rural backgrounds and lacks consistent access to the internet.

Many students have been unable to secure appointments to collect their study materials from the center. Kushi Kumari shared her situation, explaining, “There are no available appointments for us to visit the center and obtain our study materials. My father was the sole breadwinner in my family but recently lost his job. I am attempting to fund my education by tutoring younger students.”

Another student named Shubra expressed her frustration with the online study materials, which she found to be riddled with errors. She said, “I tried to study from the material uploaded online, but it contained numerous mistakes. I used that material to prepare for the exams last semester. When I approached my teachers, they informed me that my answers were incorrect.”

SOL had established a review committee to address the “minor” errors pointed out by the Delhi University Academic Council in August.

However, Payal Mago, the Director of SOL, stated that corrections have been made. She also mentioned the university’s encouragement of a paperless approach to study materials, with a small fee reduction offered to students who opt for digital materials. She explained, “We aim to foster environmental awareness among our students. While printed materials are available, many students confirmed their enrollment at the last minute, leading to an increase of over 30,000 students. They will need to schedule appointments in the next few days to obtain their study materials.”

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