Source: Meghana Sastry/Indian Express

For those with a penchant for snacks, this discussion is right up your alley. Childhood memories often involve the joy of indulging in snacks – those times when a 5 rupee coin could secure a packet of Kurkure or Uncle Chips, and buying a string of such packets for school outings was a norm. Even now, many of us relish these snacks wholeheartedly.

Source: Meghana Sastry/Indian Express
Currently, there’s a lively debate among enthusiasts about the finest snacks from our past, triggering a nostalgic journey.

A Twitter user (@Muskan_nnn) shared an image of Kurkure – Masala Munch and inquired from fellow netizens, “Tell me a better snack than this.”

The online community’s reactions have been quite diverse. While some Twitter users proposed their personal favorites, others concurred with her sentiments. The discussion covers a spectrum of choices, ranging from Haldirams Aloo Bhujia, Lays, and Taka-Tak to samosas, Cheetos, and Uncle Chips.

As part of the conversation, a user introduced a unique perspective:

“This Chips are Awesome, has Essence of Bhoot Jolokia aka Ghost Pepper/Naga Chilli/Raja Mircha – one of the Hottest Peppers globally. Originating from North-East India with a GI tag from Nagaland. This small packet is undoubtedly a promising upcoming ‘chakna’ (snack accompaniment). Save this.”

So, the question is posed to you: Which snacks hold a special place in your heart?

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