Our way of living is a matter of personal choice, wouldn’t you agree? It’s quite common to hear about numerous vegetarians expressing frustration over receiving non-vegetarian dishes from online food delivery applications. After all, it’s a matter of alignment with their chosen lifestyle. Now, let’s consider a scenario: you place an order for a vegetarian meal, only to find out that the chef has added meat or poultry products to it, and the waiter serves it right before you. How would you respond?

On a related note, a woman recently ordered vegetarian fried rice at a Bihari cuisine eatery but was taken aback to discover the presence of eggs in it. This incident was shared on Twitter by a user with the handle @bambaiyya. The post narrates how the woman engaged in a discussion with a man, presumably the co-owner, regarding the inclusion of eggs in a dish marked as vegetarian.

“I had ordered veg fried rice, but you added egg to it,” reads a snippet from the post. Instead of offering an apology and replacing the dish, the man retorted with the statement, “egg is considered vegetarian.”

The user proceeded to poke fun at the woman for her insistence on the exclusion of eggs.

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