The ongoing event, known as Amazon Prime Day, is exclusively available to individuals with a Prime membership. Prime members have the opportunity to enjoy significant savings on well-known brands such as YETI, drop, Sony, Bose, Theragun, and more. Throughout the event, new deals are set to be unveiled every half-hour.

Commencing at 3 am EDT (12:30 pm IST) today and lasting until 3 am on Wednesday, Amazon Prime Day presents substantial discounts across a wide range of products, encompassing electronics, home appliances, and clothing. It’s important to note that this event is accessible only to Prime members, who can take advantage of substantial savings on popular brands including YETI, drop, Sony, Bose, Theragun, and others. Anticipate the release of fresh deals every 30 minutes during the event.

Early Prime Day deals highlighted by Forbes Magazine comprise a 50 percent reduction on the Echo Dot Smart Speaker, revised pricing for the Apple MacBook Air and Kindle Paperwhite eReader. To secure favorable bargains on Prime Day, adequate preparation is key.

Exclusive Invitations

Amazon has introduced a novel feature for this occasion that allows Prime members to request invitations for exclusive deals. These alerts will notify members when exclusive-priced deals become available. Certain offers, such as a 75 percent discount on the Amazon Fire TV 43” Omni Series and 55 percent off JBL Live 660NC Noise Cancelling Headphones, among other exclusive deals, are time-sensitive. In such instances, the Invite-only option proves advantageous in seizing the finest deals.

Deal Notifications

Prime members are afforded the ability to set up notifications for deals pertaining to their most frequently viewed or searched-for products on the Amazon website. This system sends notifications to users whenever their preferred products go on sale. Crafting deal notifications requires Prime members to visit the Prime Day event page before the commencement of the event. On the sale day itself, members will receive push notifications for their selected deals.

Alexa-Enabled Deal Reminders

By engaging with Alexa, users can establish reminders for products or deals of particular interest. This tactic ensures that exclusive deals on favored products are not missed. Alexa can be instructed to provide notifications for products already added to the user’s cart or wishlist.

Prominent Offers

A selection of noteworthy early Prime Day deals features a 50 percent markdown on the Insignia 45-inch Fire TV, a 38 percent reduction on Kindle Paperwhite Kids, a 25 percent discount on the 2020 Apple MacBook Air, and a 20 percent savings on the DJI Air 2s Drone, among others. Keep in mind that these deals could potentially change post-event, with the possibility of even lower prices emerging subsequent to the commencement of the sale.

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