In recent times, the use of artificial intelligence has significantly increased in the world of technology. Following OpenAI’s GPT-3, companies like Google and Microsoft have also launched their AI tools. Now, in this series, tech giant Apple has also joined.

Since the introduction of OpenAI’s GPT-3, there has been a new competition in the world of technology regarding artificial intelligence. Every major tech company is introducing its AI tools to the market. Google and Microsoft have also presented their AI tools to compete with GPT-3. Now, Apple has also become a part of this series.

According to the latest leaked report, Apple has prepared its own Generative Artificial Intelligence model to compete with OpenAI, Google, and Microsoft. It is reported that Apple has developed an internal service similar to GPT-3, and the company’s employees are currently using this AI tool for testing purposes. The company’s employees are testing various features of the new AI tool.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time news about Apple’s AI model has surfaced. Earlier in July 2023, similar reports were published. According to leaks, Apple has prepared a framework named Ajax for its AI model, specifically for Large Language Models (LLLM).

In the ongoing reports about Apple’s AI tool, it is revealed that the company has filed a research paper about LLLM on the iPhone and iPad. The paper explains how LLLM can be easily run on a device with limited DRAM capacity. Typically, it is not feasible to set up LLLM on a device with limited DRAM, but now Apple has found a way to run LLLM through flash memory.

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