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Picture a particularly rough day: you’re running late for work, your boss is irate, deadlines are piling up, your crush hasn’t responded to your message, you missed your evening bus, and to top it off, it’s the end of the month. Collectively, these factors might put you in a less than pleasant mood. But how do you unwind under these circumstances? With movies and web series being time-consuming, a perfect remedy presents itself: turning on YouTube and indulging in a 10 to 20-minute stand-up comedy routine, guaranteed to bring some laughter to an otherwise challenging day. This is where we come in, presenting you with the finest stand-up acts from July.

However, keep in mind that these acts are enjoyable not only on dull weekends but also during moments of elation. There are no rigid guidelines!

  1. UPSC | Stand up act by Anubhav Singh Bassi: Bassi’s talent lies in his engaging storytelling approach to comedy. His latest act is no different as he amusingly recounts his journey of aspiring to be an IPS officer, shedding light on what not to do while preparing for UPSC.
  2. Daamad Ji, Aam Kaat Du | Stand Up Comedy by Vipul Goyal: Vipul Goyal offers a brand of comedy suitable for the entire family, albeit viewed separately. This performance delves into the dynamics between son-in-laws and in-laws, highlighting the often amusing societal double standards in family settings.
  3. Vicky Kaushal & Bangkok with Dad | Stand Up Comedy By Harsh Gujral: Harsh Gujral’s comedic timing resonates with Anubhav Singh Bassi’s style. He recounts his escapade to Bangkok with his father, throwing in a lively crowd interaction where he’s amusingly dubbed “Sasta Vicky Kaushal.”
  4. Ameer Audience | Stand Up Comedy by Gaurav Gupta: Gaurav Gupta excels in audience interaction and crowd work. He humorously engages with his audience, revealing their intriguing backgrounds, including a diamond merchant and a Ph.D. holder.
  5. BRA | Stand Up Comedy by Sumit Mishra: Sumit Mishra tackles a taboo topic, bras, with sensitivity and respect, defying societal norms. His skillful act navigates the subject while evoking laughter without being offensive.
  6. Pilot and Plane Crash | Stand Up Comedy by Abhishek Walia: Abhishek Walia is renowned for his crowd work. In this act, he engages with a group of friends, leading to hilarious outcomes as the show progresses.
  7. Masala Sandwich Trailer | Stand Up Comedy by Amit Tandon: Amit Tondon’s clean comedy style shines in his latest announcement. He unveils a trailer for a new series where he’ll candidly discuss various topics in weekly videos.
  8. Aag Lagi Office Me | Stand Up Comedy by Dheerendra Srivastava: Dheerendra Srivastava’s family-friendly act humorously delves into the quirks of a typical corporate workspace and its diverse characters.
  9. Gadar | Assam to Delhi | Stand Up comedy by Krishnendu Paul: Emerging comedian Krishnendu Paul humorously explores perceptions of North-Eastern people in India, particularly Delhi. He also offers amusing insights into the iconic film “Gadar.”
  10. Responsible Romance | Stand Up Comedy by Akshay Srivastava: Akshay Srivastava’s relatable and fun videos continue in this act, complete with mismatched subtitles that add an extra layer of humor.

These uproarious and standout stand-up acts from the previous month provide a remedy for weekday blues and an entertaining option for weekends. Share your favorites with us!

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