Securing a job offer is a coveted aspiration for many hopefuls. However, envision being presented not with one or two, but a remarkable total of 13 job offers, encompassing renowned IT giants like TCS, Infosys, and Wipro.

Yet, in such a situation, the quandary would likely revolve around which job offer to embrace. Strikingly, this very scenario took an unexpected turn for a tech professional in Bengaluru.

Choosing a distinctive path, she turned away from these 13 enticing job offers and instead chose to embark on an internship. At the age of 21, Riti Kumari, a software engineer hailing from Bengaluru, was presented with a staggering 13 employment offers, including an offer that proposed an annual salary of Rs 17 lakh.

Resolutely following her instincts, she elected to undertake an internship with Walmart. Over a year has passed since that decision, and Kumari now garners an annual income exceeding Rs 20 lakh. Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she interned at Walmart from January to July 2022, subsequently transitioning to her role as a software development engineer at Walmart Global Tech India, based in Bengaluru.

While Kumari’s family and other alluring offers vied for her attention, her determination was fueled by her sister’s example. The pivotal influence of her sister, Preeti Kumari, who opted for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) over job offers despite family reservations, resonated with Riti’s decision-making process.

In recounting her experience, Kumari disclosed, “It was a challenging choice, weighing stability against risk. However, even when my risk was met with skepticism, my sister’s counsel encouraged me to heed my heart.”

As Kumari reflects on her unconventional career journey, she conveys her parents’ evolving perspective. Their pride has burgeoned, buoyed by her exceptional academic achievements and the distinction she’s brought to her school and college. Furthermore, her father, an educator at her alma mater, finds himself celebrated by fellow teachers for his daughter’s accomplishments.

In summary, Kumari’s trajectory underscores the power of intuition and familial influence in shaping career paths, affirming the transformative potential of resolute decisions.

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