Every Corner of Your Home Adds to Its Splendor. Balcony Beautification is a Trend Nowadays, and Many People Love Decorating It. These Days, the Trend of Decorating Balconies Has Gained Rapid Popularity. In Such Times, Pigeons Often Spoil the Look of Your Balcony. However, You Can Get Rid of Them with These Simple Methods.

Balcony setup and gardening have become increasingly popular today. People spend thousands of rupees to beautify their balconies. Where everything is perfect, a little flaw can be quite bothersome. After setting up the balcony, pigeons often become a common issue, leaving a lot of mess on the sitting area. The smell of pigeons’ droppings and nests can persist on the balcony. If pigeons frequently come to your balcony or perch on your windows and create a mess, you can use these tips to get rid of them.

Net Covering:

A common method to protect the balcony from pigeons is net covering, which is used by many in the building. Ensure that the net has small openings so that pigeons cannot attempt to enter.

Wind Chimes:

Wind chimes are commonly used in all households. You can install them on the balcony so that whenever the wind blows, they make noise. The sound of wind chimes scares pigeons, making them fly away. Place wind chimes in an area where the wind blows briskly. This will keep your balcony looking good, and you will also get rid of pigeons.

Reflective Tape:

Pigeons find it challenging to see reflective tape, and it discourages them, making them stay away. You can attach waterproof reflective tape to the railing of your balcony or the edges of the window. You can also use old CDs that were used in the past for this purpose.

Fake Birds:

You can also place fake birds in your balcony. Pigeons prefer to stay away from larger birds out of fear. Just be mindful when hanging them so that you choose large-sized birds like hawks or eagles that pigeons fear.

Pet Animals Can Be Helpful:

To get rid of pigeons from your balcony, you can take the help of domesticated animals such as dogs or cats. You can leave them on the balcony, and they won’t allow pigeons to come to the balcony or its surroundings.*

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