Skip the Lines with BMRCL’s New QR Group Ticketing System for Namma Metro

To enhance the travel experience for groups and families using Namma Metro, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation (BMRCL) has introduced a QR group ticketing system, aiming to eliminate the need for long queues at metro station ticket counters. This convenient service will be operational from November 16.

The QR group ticketing system allows up to six travelers to obtain tickets in a single transaction. According to BMRCL’s announcement, “Based on demand, BMRCL is introducing mobile QR Tickets to facilitate family/group traveling together for a maximum of 6 passengers with effect from 16th November 2023. Mobile QR tickets carry a discount of 5% on the token fare.”

Upon purchase, the passenger who secures the group ticket will receive a QR ticket, which can be scanned at the metro gate for the specified number of travelers. The announcement clarifies, “The passenger using this facility will receive one single QR ticket encrypted with the number of passengers. For usage, this QR ticket has to be scanned once for each passenger of the group for entry and exit. Passengers are encouraged to book mobile QR Tickets in advance at the convenience of their Home/Office and to avoid queuing at the ticket counters for the purchase of tokens.”

In November of the previous year, BMRCL initiated the online ticketing system in Bengaluru and introduced Namma Metro’s WhatsApp chatbot-based QR ticketing service. BMRCL proudly asserts that it is the first transit service globally to enable end-to-end QR ticketing through WhatsApp.

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