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The Indian government is embarking on an ambitious plan to develop 50 new tourist destinations across the country, utilizing a “challenge mode” approach. This initiative, aimed at promoting tourism as a major economic activity, seeks to capitalize on India’s rich heritage and untapped potential for attracting tourists. Manisha Saxena, the Director General of the Ministry of Tourism, emphasized the opportune timing for promoting India as a tourist destination, especially in the aftermath of the G20 summit.

The impetus for this tourism development project was provided by the Union Budget for FY24, which proposed the identification and development of 50 new, wholesome tourist destinations across India. Furthermore, the ministry is crafting a long-term vision that aims to transform tourism into a $1 trillion industry in India by 2047.

To support this endeavor and boost tourism experiences, the Payments Gateway & Invest India, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, has launched the ‘’ experiences microsite in India. This website serves as a platform for travelers to discover exclusive deals and curated experiences within the country. The ‘Priceless’ program, initiated in 2014 in cities like London, has expanded to five continents and aims to enhance travelers’ experiences worldwide.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer and President of the healthcare business at the payment company, emphasized that India has considerable potential in terms of tourism but needs to improve its marketing efforts on the global stage. The company has transitioned from traditional advertising-led marketing to experience-based marketing and views the ‘’ site as a valuable contribution to this transformation. The objective is to market tourism and travel corridors collaboratively with the Ministry of Tourism by creating curated experiences that showcase India’s progressive and multifaceted appeal.

While the exact investment in the ‘’ program was not disclosed, it is described as a substantial investment that is expected to yield significant returns. The program will encompass various aspects, including culinary, sports, entertainment, and wellness experiences, catering to cardholders’ diverse preferences.

The demand for experiential travel has witnessed a 65% increase in the Asia Pacific region since 2019, primarily due to pent-up travel demand. This initiative aligns with the Ministry’s ‘Dekho Apna Desh’ campaign, which was introduced during the pandemic to encourage domestic tourism.

In recent developments, the payments gateway has been actively involved in sports sponsorships, including a temporary tie-up with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and an exclusive partnership with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to offer cardholders access to Men’s Cricket World Cup match tickets during an exclusive pre-sale window.

Overall, this initiative signifies India’s commitment to enhancing its tourism industry and showcasing its diverse attractions on the global stage, with ‘’ serving as a valuable tool to achieve these objectives.

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