The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) took action on Wednesday by lodging a complaint with the Election Commission against Rahul Gandhi, an opposition leader and Congress parliamentarian. This move comes in response to Gandhi’s comments referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a “panauti” (bad omen) and a “pickpocket” during a rally in Rajasthan.

While addressing the crowd, Gandhi asserted that Modi’s presence at the Ahmedabad cricket stadium during the World Cup final resulted in India’s loss to Australia. Responding to someone in the audience who called Modi a “panauti,” Gandhi agreed, stating that the team was set to win but the “bad omen” led to their defeat.

In another rally, Gandhi criticized Modi, likening him to a pickpocket and accusing him of diverting attention while figures like Adani took advantage. The BJP, displeased with these remarks, filed a complaint with the Election Commission, expressing concern over the diminishing quality of political discourse.

The BJP’s complaint highlighted the derogatory nature of comparing the prime minister to a pickpocket and bad omen, emphasizing the potential harm to Modi’s reputation and the misleading impact on the public.

Meanwhile, during a separate rally, Prime Minister Modi made a prediction that the Congress rule in Rajasthan, led by Ashok Gehlot, would come to an end and never return to power. This prophecy was made during a rally where Modi sought blessings from Mavji Maharaj Ji.

In response, Gehlot, emotionally appealing to voters in an interview with ANI, urged them to consider him as a candidate in all 200 seats. He requested the public to support the government again, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming elections.

The Rajasthan assembly elections are scheduled for November 25, with more than 50 million voters expected to participate. The state is currently governed by the Congress, which secured victory over the BJP in the previous assembly polls in 2018.

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