The Singaporean government has advised people to wear masks in crowded areas, even if they are not unwell. The resurgence of COVID-19 has raised concerns in Singapore, with the number of cases surpassing 56,000. This figure reflects an increase from the previous week when there were 32,000 cases. Due to the rising cases, the Ministry of Health in Singapore has decided to release daily COVID-19 updates from December 19.

The government recommends wearing masks, especially in crowded areas, and even those who are not sick are encouraged to do so. Residents living with elderly individuals are advised to wear masks indoors as well. Singapore’s Ministry of Health has announced plans to set up beds for COVID-19 patients at Expo Hall 10 soon, in addition to the ongoing treatment at Crawford Hospital.

Patients infected with this variant of COVID-19 According to media reports, the daily average of patients admitted to hospitals in Singapore due to COVID-19 is between 225 and 350. The average daily ICU admissions for COVID-19 patients are reported to be between 4 and 9. It is said that the majority of infected patients are affected by the JE.N.1 variant of COVID-19, associated with B.A.2.86. Current investigations indicate that this variant is not significantly more transmissible (transferable from one patient to another) than others.

Rise in COVID-19 cases in India India has also witnessed a surge in COVID-19 cases, with 312 new cases reported on Friday. Out of these, 280 cases are from Kerala alone. Although there is no immediate cause for concern, the government conducted 17,605 COVID-19 tests nationwide in the past 24 hours, emphasizing continued vigilance.

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