Dhruv Rathee initiated his YouTube channel in 2014, and to date, he has amassed more than 13 million subscribers and shared a wealth of content comprising over 500 videos on his channel.

YouTuber Dhruv Rathee has earned a spot on TIME Magazine’s ‘next generation leaders 2023’ list. Rathee’s recognition is attributed to his diligent “fact-checking” endeavors and the delivery of “educational content” spanning various subjects through his channel, which boasts a subscriber count exceeding 13 million and an archive of over 500 videos.

The 28-year-old content creator enthusiastically shared the news on the social media platform X, remarking, “TIME Magazine’s Next Generation Leaders 2023. I’m honored to be included in this prestigious list and proud to represent India internationally. Thank you.”

Rathee’s journey into the realm of YouTube commenced in 2014. Initially, he embarked on a travel blog venture, but subsequently transitioned to producing content centered on fact-checking and similar themes. This shift was catalyzed by his realization that many Indians lacked the necessary digital literacy to discern online information, leading them to place unwavering trust in online content. As TIME Magazine quotes him, “My aim is to present things as simply as possible and break down complex issues in simple words.”

With a dedicated and substantial following, Rathee’s contributions have garnered attention from diverse quarters. The YouTuber gained prominence when he addressed the controversial film ‘The Kerala Story’ in May, using government data to counter the film’s claims. However, his efforts also brought about online trolling and backlash, including disturbing threats directed at his wife.

The magazine also highlights another incident where one of Rathee’s videos was blocked by the Indian Ministry of Information and Broadcasting in September, allegedly due to the inclusion of a distorted map of the Indian-administered territory of Kashmir.

Born in Haryana, Rathee pursued mechanical engineering studies in Germany. Reflecting on the success of his channel, he expressed his surprise at how a straightforward approach could attract such widespread attention, noting, “I’m surprised doing such a simple thing can bring so much attention…maybe because no one tries to dare to do that.”

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