Extremists in Surrey, British Columbia, have launched a campaign alleging that Canadian intelligence has warned Sikhs to take precautions, as they believe Indian agents are targeting specific community members.

The radical Sikh activism, supporting the so-called Khalistan cause and opposing India, persists without restraint in British Columbia, Canada. Posters advocating for the assassination of Indian diplomats in Canada were reinstalled at Surrey Gurudwara, just two days after they were removed. The Guru Nanak Sikh Gurudwara in Surrey was previously managed by the Khalistan Tiger Force terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar until his death on June 18, 2023.

A proscribed terrorist, G. S. Pannu, has written a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, demanding the expulsion of Indian Ambassador Sanjay Kumar Verma. Meanwhile, radical elements in British Columbia are promoting a campaign, asserting that Canadian Intelligence has advised Sikhs to stay vigilant, as they believe Indian agents are targeting specific community members for assassination.

Despite Canadian law enforcement and intelligence authorities appearing indifferent to the situation, radical Sikhs are organizing a “Kill India” car rally on October 21. This rally is intended to protest outside the Indian Consulate in Vancouver and target Indian Consul General Manish and others in connection with Nijjar’s killing. The October 21 demonstration aims to garner radical support under Nijjar’s name for the so-called referendum scheduled for October 28 within Sikh extremist circles, supported by the Pakistani deep state operating in Canada.

As Indian diplomats and staff members find themselves in a challenging position due to Sikh extremist activities, with the Trudeau government seemingly facilitating such actions under the guise of freedom of speech, Canada is perceived as playing a double game in the Nijjar incident. On one hand, it appears to endorse a secessionist movement against India within Canada, while on the other, it strives to create divisions in India-US bilateral relations by implicating Indian agencies in the murder of Nijjar. Given the close security ties between Canada and the US, Trudeau’s actions not only tarnish India’s reputation but also consolidate his support from the radical Sikh community, leaving the moderate community marginalized and voiceless on the matter. The reality is that Sikh extremists are gaining ground in Canada, while moderates remain divided and unsupported in confronting the radicals.

Furthermore, Canada and US-based propagandist media outlets are exacerbating the situation by portraying Nijjar, a designated terrorist with numerous FIRs and a Red Corner Notice issued by Interpol, as a religious figure, rather than acknowledging his true background as a thug from Jallandhar who later turned to terrorism. These extremists have lured Sikh youth from Punjab with the promise of Canadian visas, using social media platforms to radicalize a significant number and raise substantial funds within Canada, the UK, the US, and Germany under the guise of addressing alleged discrimination against Sikhs in India.

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