Certain Bollywood films are so remarkable that their scenes linger in your memory for years. “Run” (2004) is one such film, and while Abhishek Bachchan played the lead role, it was Vijay Raaz who truly stole the spotlight.

One unforgettable moment from “Run” is the uproarious “Choti Ganga” scene. To jog your memory, here’s a recap of what unfolds in this scene:

Vijay Raaz’s character takes a leisurely walk in Delhi when he encounters a man who points to a drainage canal and grandiosely refers to it as “Dilli ki Mashoor Nadi” (the famous river of Delhi). According to the man, this river, known as Choti Ganga, is so renowned in Delhi that it’s believed to cleanse one of their sins if they take a dip in it. Believing the man, the unsuspecting Vijay Raaz disrobes and plunges into the drainage canal.

However, much to his dismay, the man seizes the opportunity to make off with Vijay Raaz’s clothes, leaving him stranded and realizing that he had, in fact, jumped into a drainage canal.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: The individual who absconds with Vijay Raaz’s attire is none other than Pankaj Tripathi. While most of us were relatively young when “Run” was released, revisiting this scene now allows you to spot a youthful Pankaj Tripathi expertly deceiving Vijay Raaz’s character.

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