The glorious hours you invest working in the office, where candid opinions are replaced with tactful notes, and personal time dwindles into exhaustion that leads you into slumber faster than you can imagine – this is the dream job for many.

Indeed, we adore the meticulous oversight, and the allure of a work-life balance is so enticing that we find it hard to resist remaining within that bubble. We willingly dedicate all our hours, weekends, and holidays to an organization that extols the virtues of hard work, while rewarding us with modest raises and the occasional promotion. We recognize that it’s a somewhat unhealthy relationship, but we’ve romanticized it to the point where it’s challenging to envision anything beyond work, meetings, deadlines, targets, managers, colleagues, and even the familiar ringtone of Microsoft Teams that never fails to send shivers down our spines.

Moreover, who would want to go through the trouble of seeking another job when I can comfortably cocoon myself in this one and trade my soul for stability? But hold on, what is this I’ve stumbled upon on the internet?

A full-time position for spirited and ever-smiling socialites, where you work in the office during holidays, weekends, and all hours of the day, 24/7, with no option for remote work? Oh my goodness, is this a genuine opportunity or merely a fragment of my wildest fantasies?

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