An initial psychiatric report has shed light on the fact that a mother intentionally and meticulously committed a horrifying act. She used a large wooden stick and a knife to seal all the doors and windows before she proceeded.

For a mother, her child is often the core of her heart, a treasure she cherishes deeply. However, an astonishing and tragic case unfolded when a mother took her five-year-old son’s life by cutting off his head with a knife and eating a part of it. This incident took place in Egypt, and the woman behind the heinous act, 29-year-old Hana Mohammad Hasan, has been declared criminally insane by the court. She was on trial for the ruthless murder of her son, Yusuf.

Although a case of child homicide is being pursued, the court ruled that the accused woman is not in the right mental state to stand trial. Instead, the court decided that she had committed the act while being in a state of insanity and ordered her to be placed in a secure psychiatric facility.

The shocking incident came to light when Yusuf’s uncle discovered some parts of his body in a bucket at their home in the Faiyum region of northern Egypt. The family lived separately from Hana Hasan’s husband after their separation, and he had revealed that his wife was well aware of her actions. He had also disclosed his efforts to establish relations with their son and reintegrate him into their lives, making it evident that Hasan had committed the act out of fear that custody of their son would be given to her ex-husband.

The incident has left the nation shaken. Egypt’s mental health care system is still in its early stages. There is a significant shortage of psychiatrists and psychologists in the country, and the stigma associated with mental illness remains a significant barrier to adequate care. As a result, many individuals suffering from mental illnesses do not receive the necessary treatment, potentially leading to acts of violence and even suicide.

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