In Russia, a surprising revelation occurred when an 80-year-old woman discovered an approximately one-inch-long needle embedded in her brain. The woman had lived her entire life completely unaware of the fact that a 3-centimeter needle was inside her mind. Scientists believe that this type of insertion was a past practice related to child homicide during wartime. According to reports, the woman’s parents held animosity towards her and had intentions to harm her, although their attempts were unsuccessful. The woman had a fear that removing the needle from her brain might harm her health, so she decided not to take any action.

This incident took place in the remote Sakhalin region of Russia. Local health authorities stated, “Cases like this were not uncommon during times of famine.” It is speculated that the woman’s parents may have decided to inflict capital punishment upon their child during the Second World War, as the needle had been present in her brain for 80 years.

This kind of practice was often utilized to hide evidence of crimes. During the war, the entire Soviet Union suffered from a severe food shortage, and many people lived in extreme poverty. The local health department mentioned, “The needle had penetrated the left frontal lobe, but it had no adverse effects, allowing her to survive.” According to reports, the woman had never complained of headaches, which kept her in the dark about this secret for years.

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