Have you ever come across or utilized the Rin detergent bar? Its impressive craftsmanship might even spark a desire within you to do some laundry – although that’s not the primary focus here. Interestingly, it appears that someone else is equally captivated by the detergent’s “design,” so to speak. That someone happens to be Samsung.

The brand recently unveiled visuals and attributes of their new Portable SSD T7 Shield. While the features are certainly noteworthy, what’s striking is the undeniable resemblance between the SSD (in a blue hue) and the Rin bar. Describing the resemblance as merely “a lot” would be an understatement – the similarity is strikingly remarkable.

Samsung India also emphasized the gadget’s robust ruggedness, which, incidentally, seems to be the sole contrast between the SSD and the familiar Rin bar. This is due to the fact that Rin is a soap bar that can melt. The internet is currently abuzz with amusement, making it almost perplexing to fathom that Samsung overlooked the striking likeness in appearance.

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