Disney’s 100th-anniversary short film, “Once Upon a Studio,” has left fans deeply moved.

In celebration of Disney’s centenary, the original short film “Once Upon a Studio” brings together 543 characters from over 85 Disney films and short films. ABC aired Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebration, including the historic short film, on October 15 at 8 p.m. ET. During the broadcast, host Kelly Ripa also shared insights into Disney’s upcoming projects. For those who missed the airing, the film is available for viewing on Fubo TV and Hulu+ Live TV. The official trailer for “Once Upon a Studio” was released on Disney’s official YouTube channel just three weeks ago.

The official synopsis describes “Once Upon a Studio” as an “all-star ensemble” of cherished Walt Disney Animation Studios characters who gather for a “joyful, entertaining, and emotional reunion.” They come together for a spectacular group photo to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary. Devoted Disney fans have been overwhelmed with emotion, taking to social media to express their sentiments.

One fan shared, “That short film brought tears to my eyes; you’ve been a part of my life for 50 years – since I was born. My first words were Donald Duck (thank you, brother). Thank you, Disney, for the adventures you brought my family, for the wonder you have provided, and for dreams and magic.”

Another fan expressed, “That short film brought me to tears. Thank you to the animators and the creators of Disney. You bring us the magic.” Yet another Disney enthusiast said, “This is so nostalgic! It reminds me of childhood! Those were the gems! I can’t understand cartoons these days with so much technology but no substance! Mickey Mouse is just a legend!” Joining the chorus of heartfelt comments, another social media user added, “Now this was something I’d wish to see Disney do more. A Mickey Mouse film with this sort of heart would have been some of their absolute BEST stuff in years with the character.”

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