Approximately 50 schoolchildren in Dumra Block of Sitamarhi district, Bihar, reported experiencing stomachaches and vomiting following their consumption of a mid-day meal on September 12th. The affected children were subsequently referred to Sadar Hospital for medical evaluation. Fortunately, the doctor overseeing their treatment, Dr. Sudha Jha, has confirmed that the children are now in stable condition and free of symptoms.

According to Dr. Sudha Jha, the children alleged that they discovered a chameleon in the mid-day meal they had consumed. All the children under observation have since shown signs of improvement, and their parents are by their side, providing reassurance. Dr. Sudha Jha emphasized that there is no cause for concern, as everything has returned to normal.

This incident follows a similar case from the previous month, where approximately 70 students were hospitalized after reportedly consuming a mid-day meal at a government school in the Dabri area of southwest Delhi. In response, the Delhi government issued a show-cause notice to the mid-day meal provider. The Delhi Police also responded to the incident, collecting remnants of the food and juice from the scene for further investigation.

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