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On the sixth day since its release, the box office collection of Teja Sajja’s superhero film, HanuMan, amounted to approximately ₹11.5 crore. The movie, which hit theaters on the same day as Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram, has managed to garner an estimated ₹80.46 crore nett in India, according to a report. Despite facing competition at the box office, HanuMan has sustained a commendable performance. Check out the details below.

HanuMan’s box office collection for the sixth day showcased the film’s consistent success in India. Released in Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and Kannada languages, the movie accumulated ₹4.15 crore from paid previews on Thursday. The following day, it secured ₹8.05 crore nett across all languages. Subsequently, the film experienced a surge, earning ₹12.45 crore nett on Saturday and ₹16 crore on Sunday. While there was a slight slowdown in its second week, the superhero film still managed to secure ₹15.2 crore nett on Monday and ₹13.11 crore nett on Tuesday.

About the sci-fi film, HanuMan revolves around a young man (Teja Sajja) bestowed with superpowers by Lord Hanuman, who then fights for the well-being of his people. The movie features Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Amritha Aiyer, Vinay Rai, and others in significant roles.

Teja Sajja expressed his excitement about the superhero film, emphasizing the blend of entertainment and Indian history. According to the actor, HanuMan offers thrilling superhero action sequences for children’s enjoyment, coupled with humor and a connection to Indian ‘itihaasaas.’ The film aims to provide a delightful and entertaining experience for the audience.

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