Much of our nation’s entertainment relies heavily on sports, particularly cricket, and this generates a profound level of seriousness among the populace. Consequently, a substantial amount of critique is directed towards it. The realm of cricket also witnesses a remarkable surge of passion from both the players and the spectators. A recent instance further underscores this fervor, involving Harmanpreet Kaur, the captain of India’s National Cricket Team.

Image source The Indian Express

In the conclusive game of the three-game ODI series opposing the Bangladesh women’s cricket team, Harmanpreet Kaur displayed a display of frustration by striking the stumps with her bat after being declared out. Furthermore, she expressed her dissatisfaction towards the umpires and event organizers during the post-match presentation. These actions elicited diverse responses from individuals on the online platform.

The Indian captain was adjudged out due to “leg before wicket” without the possibility of reviewing the decision using the Decision Review System (DRS). Nevertheless, Harmanpreet Kaur contended that the ball had made contact with the bat before hitting her pads. After the match concluded in a tie, the cricketer also stressed the issue of subpar umpiring and even suggested that the Bangladesh team share the trophy with the umpires.

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