Certain scenes from Bollywood films possess an enduring charm that keeps us captivated no matter how frequently we revisit them. With Priyadarshan’s “Hungama” celebrating its 20th anniversary this month, a plethora of scenes from this comedic masterpiece come rushing to mind. However, one scene that truly stands out is the fictitious altercation between Jeetu from Videocon (played by Akshaye Khanna) and Nandu (played by Aftab Shivdasani).

This particular scene unfolds within a bustling food court. Jeetu and Anjali (portrayed by Rimi Sen) are seated at their table, engaged in conversation. Meanwhile, Nandu discreetly eavesdrops on their discussion, endeavoring to grasp every word. Slowly, he inches closer to their table to ensure clear audibility.

Suddenly, Jeetu notices Nandu’s presence, and to Anjali’s chagrin, he abruptly leaves his seat and heads straight for Nandu. Remarkably, Jeetu even removes his wristwatch in preparation for an impending confrontation. A palpable tension hangs in the air. Jeetu confronts Nandu, sternly questioning his reason for being there. Unfazed, Nandu responds with prompt retorts and counterarguments.

When Jeetu inquires, “Yahan kyun aaya?” (Why have you come here?), Nandu retorts, “Chal ke aaya, tereko kya” (Came on foot, what’s it to you).

In my view, this marks the pinnacle of comedic writing in Bollywood.

Jeetu challenges Nandu, saying, “Abey haath laga ke dikha na” (Hey, show me by touching me). Nandu responds cheekily, “Tu haath laga ke dekh na” (You touch and see).

Their verbal spar escalates, transitioning into a flurry of mock punches and kicks. At one juncture, they even rip each other’s shirts in a theatrical display.

However, in a twist of reality, the physical altercation is nothing more than a product of Anjali’s imagination. Both Jeetu and Nandu are too apprehensive to lay a finger on each other. The exchange, initially resembling a quarrel, evolves into a playful and amusing exchange of words.

This iconic imaginary fight scene epitomizes the zenith of Bollywood comedy, showcasing unparalleled acting prowess and impeccable writing. Even today, this sequence continues to resonate with audiences. Let’s hear what viewers have to say about it.

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