Renowned actress Hema Malini, in an interview with HT City on the occasion of her 75th birthday, reminisces about her journey.

Hema Malini exclaims, “The 75th is a special milestone; it doesn’t come every year.” As one of the biggest stars of her time, she finds it hard to believe that she has reached this significant point in her life.

Speaking with us, she reflects, “I’ve been so engrossed in my work over all these years that time has simply slipped away unnoticed. I’m 75 today, and even I can hardly believe it! However, age is just a number. It depends on how well you take care of yourself and whether others draw inspiration from your work. That’s life. I take on the work that comes my way, spend time with my children and grandchildren. Life is beautiful,” she says with a smile.

She explains that the entire month has been quite busy for her. Initially, she visited some spiritual leaders in her electoral district of Mathura, where she also interacted with the local community. Later, she met with her political colleagues and ministers in Delhi. The celebrations will continue in Mumbai with a grand event. “It also marks 75 years of my presence in the film industry. My career has been enriched by the remarkable people I’ve collaborated with, including producers, actors, and technicians. It’s time for me to express my gratitude, meet and greet them. It’s not something that happens every year because the other years are reserved for celebrating at home with family,” says the actress renowned for iconic films like Sholay, Seeta Aur Geeta, and Johny Mera Naam.

Her husband, the acclaimed actor Dharmendra, has returned from the United States for her birthday. “His presence here for my birthday is the most precious gift, as he dedicates time to be with us,” she expresses joyfully.

When asked about the pinnacle of her life so far, Malini gets sentimental and shares, “The most beautiful phase was when I was fully engrossed in my film career. From 1975 to 1985, I can’t recall a single day of rest. It was a continuous journey, whether I was working on Sholay one day, traveling to Afghanistan for Dharmatma the next, then jetting off to Russia, and returning to shoot in Nasik within two months. I took on diverse roles, both in my professional and personal life. That period was remarkable, and it is what continues to reward me today.”

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