In the world of social media, Facebook and Instagram are extensively used. Until now, both these applications provided the convenience of cross-communication. Meta introduced this feature in 2020. However, Meta has now announced the discontinuation of this feature.

If you are an avid user of Meta’s flagship apps, Instagram and Facebook, there’s important news for you. Meta has declared that by mid-December, cross-app communication between Facebook and Instagram will be completely discontinued. The company mentioned on its support page that starting now, you won’t be able to initiate new chats from Instagram to Facebook.

It’s worth noting that Meta introduced Messenger support for Instagram in 2020, facilitating cross-messaging between Facebook and Instagram. Now, after three years, the company has decided to separate both platforms.

Users will now need to switch to Messenger: Meta mentioned in its post that users will no longer have the facility of cross-messaging between Facebook and Instagram after mid-December. Although existing chats will continue to work, you will only have the option to read old messages, and replying to those messages won’t be possible. If a user wishes to chat with someone, they will need to switch to Messenger or Facebook app.

Instagram, being a popular social media platform, is widely used for short video content creation. Millions of people use this platform, and Meta frequently introduces new features to keep it updated. Recently, Instagram released a new feature where users can share their posts with a small group of close friends, allowing them to limit the audience for their posts.

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