Several experts caution that practicing intermittent fasting for an extended duration could have adverse effects on overall health. It’s crucial to recognize that intermittent fasting is not a fleeting dietary trend; rather, it revolves around consuming nutritious meals within a specified time frame. Despite its potential benefits, experts, including nutritionist Rashi Choudhury, emphasize the importance of understanding essential factors before adopting an intermittent fasting routine, especially for women.

Rashi Choudhury shared insights on Instagram, acknowledging the positive impact of a bacterium called ‘akkermensia’ that multiplies during fasting. However, she advised against excessive fasting, particularly for women. Here are three critical facts about intermittent fasting that merit attention:

  1. Intermittent Fasting’s Potential Impact on Blood Sugar Levels: Research, as highlighted by Rashi Choudhury, suggests that fasting for approximately three weeks may elevate glucose levels in women. To mitigate this, the expert recommends breaking the fasting routine on weekends and limiting intermittent fasting to three to four days a week. Additionally, having an early dinner on non-fasting days is advised.
  2. Disruption of Hormonal Balance: Studies indicate that calorie restriction in women might disrupt the hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid axis, affecting communication between the hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid glands, and ovaries. This disruption can lead to symptoms such as irregular periods and infertility. To counteract this, it is crucial to ensure sufficient calorie intake during the feeding period and avoid extended fasting periods of 20 hours.
  3. Increased Stress Levels: Rashi Choudhury notes that intermittent fasting could elevate cortisol levels in women by 50%, potentially exacerbating stress and contributing to mental health issues. To manage stress, she advises practicing intermittent fasting for short durations and opting for early dinners on non-fasting days. Additionally, incorporating small snacks like bone broth or almond yogurt two hours before bedtime can be beneficial.

For those committed to continuing intermittent fasting, adhering to the provided advice is crucial. Balancing a nutritious diet with intermittent fasting can contribute to overall well-being and fitness.

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