Once again, J.K. Rowling faces criticism for her contentious comments, this time sparking controversy on X. The renowned author of the Harry Potter series found herself in the spotlight on Wednesday as her remarks denying the historical fact that Nazis burned “books on trans healthcare and research” generated heated discussions online.

In her statement, Rowling expressed disbelief and questioned the credibility of the claim, urging for verification of such assertions. However, her remarks were swiftly countered, with actor George Takei among those highlighting the accuracy of the statement.

According to Scientific American, Adolf Hitler’s regime targeted marginalized groups, including Jewish people, homosexuals, and transgender individuals, as part of their campaign to eliminate “lives unworthy of living.” One notable incident occurred in 1933 when Nazi youth burned the library contents of the Institute of Sexology, containing crucial works on understanding transsexualism and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.

During a discussion with Alejandra Caraballo on X regarding accusations of “Holocaust denial,” Rowling’s responses appeared deflective and failed to address the central issue. Despite further questioning, her replies remained vague and lacked focus.

This controversy adds to previous instances where Rowling’s opinions on transgender matters stirred debates. Recently, on UK’s Mother’s Day, she shared posts that some viewed as transphobic. Despite clarifying that her intent was not to offend, her unwavering stance has continued to fuel discussions and disagreements.

Even discussions sympathetic to her viewpoint, such as the podcast “The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling,” failed to quell the ongoing discourse, indicating that Rowling’s position on this matter remains unchanged.

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